For those of you who don't already know, I moved to Seattle in the fall of 2015.
It was an awesome trip, but it was also tiring.

The journey started in Moscow, with the first flight departing from the Sheremetyevo Moscow airport around 5:00 AM local time. It took around 4 hours to reach London. After that was one of the longest layovers of my life where I was stuck waiting at Heathrow for roughly 8 hours. I spent almost all of my time at a breakfast-oriented restaurant and even ended up falling asleep a few times.

Eventually I made it to Seattle, my ultimate destination. I moved here to accept a full-time job at NVIDIA Corp where I currently work.

To my surprise, living in the Seattle area has been extremely nice and fascinating. There's been a great mix of different vibes. While Seattle itself is quite modern, there are many areas which appear to be a lot older. By contrast the east side is more suburban, more modern, and clean. And to top this all off, there's an absolutely mind blowing amount of wild and epic nature. It makes for a great combo if you ask me.

Throughout the years I've started and abandoned multiple tumblr blogs: some about design, some about 3D, and some about photography. I've started an Instagram account which I enjoy updating whenever I can. But there are still a few things I can't quite achieve there. Things like making a detailed post with a lot of text.

The intent of this website is to consolidate all of my online efforts into one site. Here I will be posting my thoughts, my photography work, design-related content, tutorials and so forth.

For the opening posts I've decided to share some pictures I took around the Seattle area. They will be divided into 3 separate entries:

01 : Urban Landscape (Seattle and surrounding areas)
02 : Natural Landscape (Washington nature)
03 : Life (People)

Here's the first one!